Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a Happy Holiday Season. Ours was a good combination of hectic and quiet times. It is always nice to be on holidays, but sometimes nice to get back into a familiar routine.

Connor had his first Christmas concert at daycare on December 19th. We tried taking a video of it, but it turned out quite dark. I think that our little man has a little bit of stage fright. I used to watch some of his practices with the older girls at daycare and he would just sit on his little chair playing the tambourine and having a blast. At the concert, he seemed quite overwhelmed and at one point just stood in front of all of the parents frozen not knowing what to do. It is a really cute video and we will be sure to tease him with it when is older :)

Geofford celebrated his 32nd anniversary of his birth with a wine & cheese chez us. It was nice having friends over to celebrate and we had quite a bit of fun with the rockband. Who knew our friends were such good singers?

As the Kwoks had abandoned us (Peter and Sophie were in Hong Kong, Damian and Michelle were in North Bay and Francis and Jaclyn were in Halifax), we celebrated the holidays with the Seaborns. We had a wonderful meal at the Seaborns on Cambridge and then had a great time (despite the rain) in Perth trying to find alternatives to the original plan of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Connor managed to have some fun on his sled, but not that much fun because he ended up fast asleep at the end of his sled-ride.

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