Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First half of December update

I will have to try and think of some better titles because this one is pretty lame. The first half of December has been pretty busy for us. Connor has cut two more teeth (so now he has five!) and is babbling up a storm. If we ever receive a call when he is awake, he will demand the phone so that he can talk to whoever is on the line. I wonder how telemarketers would enjoy talking to a 16-month toddler. I should try that sometime.

We had three cookie exchanges the second week of December (Dec 9th, 10th and 13th), so the first weekend of December was spent baking cookies. Geofford has discovered an awesome peanut butter cookie recipe, that he has tweaked and is planning on tweaking some more to make it more awesome. I discovered that standing for many hours in the kitchen makes a pregnant lady's back really sore. Fortunately this year, I decided to go with drop cookies as opposed to shaped cookies, that made things a little easier. Although I did make some gingerbread cookies to decorate at the cookie exchange that we hosted. Here are some pictures of those cookies. Connor was even able to participate and it looked like he was having a fantastic time.

Damian has always raved about the Swiss Chalet Festive Special, so two years ago we decided to have a pre-Christmas dinner there as members of the family were going to be dispersed from coast to coast. This year, we decided to go back to enjoy the Festive Special as we again would not be celebrating Christmas together. So all of the kids and their significant others and dependents went to Swiss Chalet to have a pre-Christmas lunch on Dec. 14th before everyone scattered. Here are some pictures of the lunch. We didn't get any pictures of the food because we were all too hungry :)

The bus strike (and snow) has really changed my commute. Because I have to pick up Connor by 5pm in Barrhaven, it has been difficult to find someone who wants to carpool, so I have been driving myself in (with the exception of a couple of days where I could carpool with a co-worker because we were on course). The drives haven't been terrible except the day when we got ~30cm of snow when it took me 3 hours, but 30minutes of that was sitting behind an accident that we couldn't see because there was a big truck in front of us. The parking has been the big difficulty. I have a lead on a parking spot downtown so hopefully that will work out and it will be one less worry. The bus strike hasn't really impacted Geofford's commute, but at times he has had to go pick up Connor just because there was no way I could make it back to Barrhaven in time. His other impact was yesterday when Connor was supposed to get his second round of shots. It is definitely an experience that Geofford does not want to repeat because once he got to the doctor's office, he found out that there was no doctor in, so he wasted all of that time getting there (after waking Connor up extra early) and now they have to go back next week.

I hope to have another update following the Christmas holidays with some pictures. If you are missing seeing pictures of Connor (and us), you can go to our flickr sites. We have been slowly updating flickr, and hopefully we will have some more pictures soon. I will put the permanent links on the side, but in the meantime:

Seaborn Pictures
Connor's first 8 months

If you are travelling during the holidays - safe travels! And if you are around, give us a call - Geofford and Connor are home for two weeks.

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