Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day (aka the 2nd Day of Christmas)

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Chanukah, Festivus, or whatever else you celebrate at this time of year.  We are celebrating the fact that we are still a family of 4 and Baby Seaborn #3 is still enjoying his/her home in my belly.  It has been two weeks since I was admitted into the hospital and I feel like we are in a good place right now.  I am almost at 28 weeks (which is apparently a major milestone in baby development) and so far so good.  Modified bed rest is a lot better than complete bed rest and I was happy to be able to leave the house twice on Christmas day - once to go to mass and the other to go to Christmas dinner.  It was nice to go out into the world and see friends and family outside of my home.

There was a challenge called the Hourly Photo Challenge that was issued by a blogger that I follow.  I was able to capture most of the day with the exception of the two hour block that I was napping in the afternoon.  I managed to post most of my pictures on twitter/facebook before nap, but everything post-nap I uploaded to today.

Here is my Christmas Day in photos:

9:00am - The boys actually let us sleep in past 8:00am, so my first picture was of us having breakfast after we opened our stockings.

10:00am - Getting ready to go to church, I wanted to capture the fact that it was actually a White Christmas

11:00am - I was actually in mass, so I couldn't capture a picture, but I did take a picture of the alter and environment after mass at Good Shepherd Parish (so this one was actually closer to noon, but not quite there, so I count it for the 11:00am picture)

Noon - My parents came over after mass and my mom made the boys reindeer hats, so I thought that they were pretty cue.

1:00pm - The tradition at our house (so far) is to open stockings before breakfast, have breakfast, go to mass, have lunch and then open the gifts under the tree.  The boys don't know any better at this point, so it stretches out the day (but also compresses the gift opening time as Wyatt still needs to take a nap).  So far, we have always made the same breakfast strata for lunch and it seems to be quite the hit as Geofford hasn't let me make anything else.  This year it was a team effort as I can only do so much in the kitchen.  Here is what was left after everyone had lunch.

So for the 2-4pm hourly photos, I was unable to take any there is a slight gap in our day.  Wyatt and I were napping, but I'm not sure what else was going on the house...

5:00pm - Part of the boys' stockings was a beautiful wig - all of the male Seaborns (from my immediate family) donned these wigs to enter into the house for Christmas Dinner.  I personally think my boys look like Thing 1 and Thing 2

6:00pm - The exchanging of the gifts - round 2.  This is a beautiful tissue pouch designed and created by Geofford's cousin - Chidima Nzakamulilo.

7:00pm - We are starting the first course of dinner: Geofford's aunt's fabulous Vichyssoise and her wonderful rolls which are a family secret.

8:00pm - The turkey dinner with the Seaborns is always a feast, so I took a picture of my plate, which is a pretty good representation of all of the fabulous dishes.  I think the only thing that I am missing is the cranberry sauce, which was very tasty.

9:00pm - I didn't get a very good picture of the plum pudding, but I didn't get to eat it anyways because of all of the brandy on it, so instead I took a picture of my Christmas Cracker (and the obligatory joke contained in it).

10:00pm - The last photo of the day.  The boys were already in melt-down mode seeing as it was 2.5 hours after their regular bedtime, so instead I took a picture of the Seaborn's fabulous tree.  I wish we had taller ceilings to accommodation such a big tree, but we don't have that many ornaments yet, so it's probably better that we have a smaller tree :)  The picture doesn't do the tree justice, but I would guess that it is almost a 9' tree.

I really enjoyed the Hourly Photo Challenge and hope the next time I do it, I can actually take and post the pictures throughout the day :)

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