Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We are in the terrible twos....

I think that we have officially entered the terrible twos (or as our daycare provider calls it the testing threes).  Geofford says that Connor has been developing opinions that we haven't given him.  I think part of the change in temperament has been due to the change in our routine.  Since I have been back to work at CCG, the whole family had to get up a lot earlier than the old usual.  Now after about a month, we are finally settling into our routine and the morning routine is a little easier to get through.  There are times though that the cereal that Connor wanted five minutes ago, isn't the cereal that he wants now.

Wyatt is being a great little guy though which really helps.  He is spitting up a lot less now that I am no longer eating/drinking any dairy (who knew that would be so hard) and he is also drinking the lactose free formula at daycare.  We have also started him on solids (so far rice, oatmeal, apples, pears, butternut squash, prunes, peas and carrots), which he really enjoys.  Like his brother he likes the sweeter foods.  I am hoping to be able to go to Millers' this weekend so that I can buy some apples and squash to make some more food for him.

Geofford will be heading to Devens (just outside Boston) this up-coming weekend to compete at the UPA NE Master's Regional Tournament.  (Damian and the rest of the BFC team will be competing at the same time at the NE Mixed Regional tournament.)  If they qualify top-2, then the team (and him) will be heading to Sarasota, FL for the UPA National Championships at the end of October.

Today is my last day of work here at CCG and I am quite excited about my new adventure at Sport Canada.  I have started a new personal blog, but will still be rambling about the family here.   Also, we haven't updated flickr, but here are some of the pictures that I have uploaded to facebook for Alexa and CK's wedding and the 2nd annual Kwok family photoshoot.

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