Friday, September 11, 2009

Too long

It has been too long since we have posted. Now Connor is two years and one month old and Wyatt is almost seven months old. Geofford and Julie are also older, but it is not polite to post our ages ;)

We have been up to a lot since our last post. Connor and Wyatt have a new cousin (Simon Peter Wei-Ming Kwok), a few new second cousins (Zoe Tompsett, Charles Ernest Allard, Kristen Woodward) and a ton of new friends. We have travelled to Georgian Bay a couple of times, endured an entire ultimate season of Geofford playing and captaining (including travelling to a couple of tournaments - Toronto, Waterloo with the kids, and Julie organized an ultimate tournament in Ottawa - Mixed Up).

Wyatt is now in daycare as Julie is back to work. So far he seems to be enjoying his time (as far as we can tell). He is a very happy baby, only fussy when he is tired, hungry or soiled. He is almost sitting up and is frustrated that he isn't moving when he is on his tummy. He also loves jumping in the jolly jumper. When he is in the mood, Wyatt will also turn over, but most of the time he is happy kicking at the toys on his playmat. He also loves putting everything in his mouth. We will have to be careful to watch if Connor shares any small toys with his younger brother. At Wyatt's 6-month appointment (on Aug 17th), he weighed 8.22kg (18lbs 2oz) and measured 70.5cm (27.8") tall.

Connor seems to be enjoying having his younger brother at daycare with him. Our daycare provider Lynne reports that Connor is a "great little helper". Connor is quite the little man now, he is quite verbose, but gets frustrated when we don't understand what he is saying. Most of the time we don't understand because he is not using words but little grunts to try and get us to do something for us. As the NFL season is now upon us, Geofford has taught Connor a few calls including touchdown, safety (Connor can even be prompted to describe the safety - that it is two points and the ball), and offside. Connor also is learning to jump. It has been fun watching the progression of just bending his knees for a jump to actual jumping. At Connor's 2-year appointment (on Sept 8th), he weighed 11.11kg (24lbs 8oz) and measured 89cm (35") tall. I think that the scales at the doctor's office (now that they have moved offices) are a little off because I weighed him at the doctor's office in July when he was sick and he weighed that much.

Julie is now back to work at the Canadian Coast Guard, which has presented some new challenges including everyone in the family being awake at 6:30am. Connor has had the toughest time adjusting because that little man loves his sleep, but he also loves to play.

Geofford also has a few new challeges this fall, he has additional responsibility at work and he will be playing ultimate with the Master's team GLUM (that may give you a hint regarding his age, there is a minimum age to play Master's).

As always, we have been trying to visually document our time with our flickr photostream. Hopefully we will keep up with the blogging as much as we are posting photos.

Our family at Wyatt's baptism on June 21, 2009

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