Sunday, December 13, 2015


Apparently having three kids and a full time job plus various volunteering responsibilities means that you are quite neglectful with blog posts.  As always, I will try and do better, we will see if I can get one post a month, which could be a good target.

We have done a mediocre job keeping our photoblog up to date:

It includes pictures and also some of the photo books that we have created for our parents.

To see the photobooks, you can go here:

Connor is now in Grade 3 and reading books like they are going out of style.  He has discovered the author: Rick Riordan and has finished two 5-book series and is now reading a trilogy.  I think we will try the Harry Potter books next, but if anyone has any suggestions, you know where to reach us.  Connor is also playing his second year of novice hockey.  He has progressed up to a B team after playing a year of C.  His goal is to play for the Montreal Canadiens, so has some work to do over the next few years.  If they count heart as one of the conditions to get into the NHL, he is a shoe-in.

Wyatt is now in Grade 1.  He is adapting well to the new routine.  He really enjoys math and asks to play a math game on the iPad constantly.  Wyatt is looking forward to trying cross-country skiing this winter.  After a morning of downhill skiing at Mont Ste-Marie last March, he decided that maybe cross-country skiing would be a good start.  We are patiently awaiting the snow to fall so that he can begin his lessons.  He is also loving being a Beaver.  He has many friends in the colony which makes it that much more fun.

Dallin is in his last year at daycare.  He is now the "big boy" there.  He can't wait to join his big brothers at school.  He is our most adventurous son and will not back down if his brothers has something that he wants, but is very gentle with other kids (which is good).  Dallin is making tiny steps in his swimming lessons.  He is very excited to attend, but not so excited to get in the water.  This last session he made great strides and enjoyed jumping into the pool after much prodding.

Julie is still working at Sport Canada and recently was able to attend the Parapan Am Games in Toronto as part of the Sport Canada delegation.  As the election was called just before her departure, the Ministers did not attend, but she was able to accompany Senior Officials from the Department of Canadian Heritage at various sporting events at the Games.  The plan is that she will have a similar role at the Rio 2016 Paralympics in September.

Geofford recently was laid off from his job at CAE, but he is actively seeking employment.  In between applying for jobs, he has had the opportunity to get a few projects completed around the house.

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