Thursday, March 29, 2012

And now we are 5...

The past few weeks have been very exciting for the Seaborn family.  We welcomed our third baby boy: Dallin Kwok-Yan Seaborn into the world on Friday, March 9th at 12:47pm at the Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus.  At birth, he weighed 3850g (8lbs 8oz) and measured 53.5cm (21") long.

Our first family picture (taken by the anesthesiologist) 
Despite the repeated trips to the hospital, I actually made it to the scheduled c-section date and was quite happy that I did, as the surgery was more complicated and thus took longer than anticipated (due to my insides looking like chewing gum between saran wrap due to the previous "emergency" c-sections) so I was glad to have had my obstetrician perform the procedure.

Unfortunately (or fortunately - depends on how you look at it), Geofford got quite sick (fever and very sore throat) while Dallin and I were at the hospital, so he wasn't able to spend as much time at the hospital with us, but fortunately I was at the hospital, so the nurses were able to help me out.

My parents were a huge help though and took care of Connor and Wyatt while I was in hospital and Geofford was fighting his sickness.  They brought the boys to the hospital so that they could meet their baby brother.  It's very cute, they call him Baby Dallin (to differentiate from all of the other Dallins that they know...).  I wonder how long he will have to keep that moniker...

Mom and her three boys
On Monday, March 12th, Geofford did manage to get himself out of bed and to the Toyota Dealership to pick up our new "mini-van" which isn't really all that mini.  We are now proud owners of a red Toyota Sienna.  He then came to the hospital to pick Dallin and I up to bring us home.  I had to make a few concessions as Dallin was dangerously close to the 10% maximum weight loss limit (his weight dropped to 7 lbs 11 oz), but I agreed to supplement with formula so that we would be allowed to leave.  At that point, I would have agreed to almost anything to go home :)

Since we have been home, Dallin and I have been quite busy trying to avoid getting sick.  Both Connor and Wyatt got sick once Geofford got better and then once they were better, Geofford got sick again.  I am hoping that the cycle does not repeat again.

Dallin has been a good baby thus far.  He has grown quite a bit in the last two weeks despite his initial loss of weight.  At his appointment earlier this week, he weighed in at 9lbs 15oz and measured 58cm, so there is no longer a concern regarding his weight.  We are now trying to figure out our routine now that I am a little more mobile.  My next big milestone will be to try and drive somewhere that is more than 5 minutes away.

Dallin in my tummy (-19 days) and outside (16 days old) did he fit in there?

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