Thursday, January 19, 2012

32 Weeks!

We made it to 32 weeks!  It's hard to believe that it was over a month ago that I was admitted to the hospital for a tear in my amniotic sac.  Everything seems to be ok right now, but I am still being very careful as it would be nice to keep Baby #3 in utero for as long as possible.  I still get very tired when I go into work so I am very grateful that work allows me to work from home for most of the week.  :)  At my doctor's appointment this week, my doctor didn't see any reason to move up the c-section date, but due to her own family commitments has not yet set the actual date for the c-section.  So far, the date that we are aiming for is Friday, March 2nd, which would be 37 weeks and 2 days (which is the same gestation as Connor).  Here's hoping Baby #3 cooperates.

In other family news, Wyatt is mostly potty-trained during the day.  He occasionally has accidents, but on the most part stays dry for most of the day (with the exception of nap time when he still wears a diaper).  The next big milestone for him will be to stay dry during his naps and then we will hope he stays dry during the night.  We are pretty excited as he will be mostly out of diapers when the baby is born.  Connor is still loving school.  His teacher now has a twitter account in addition to her blog, so we are able to follow what is going on at school.  Connor even made it onto a picture from the latest blog post!  Geofford found out that he did not make the cut for the Master's Team Canada team which was slightly disappointing.  He says now he can officially retire, but I'm not sure if he can go a summer without competitive ultimate, so we will wait to see how the baby's temperament is before he makes a final decision regarding his retirement.

We also celebrated Christmas with my family this past weekend.  As all of us live in Ottawa, and we see each other on a fairly regular basis, we made the conscious decision to celebrate after everyone comes back to Ottawa so that our spouses can spend Christmas with their families.  This allows us to enjoy the evening without the same stress of having to fit in all of the family visits in a small amount of time and also extends the Christmas season.  This year, we celebrated extra late because Christmas happened at the beginning of the school holidays, and we had already taken down most of the decorations.  The kids still had a fabulous time and really enjoyed playing together.

The five grandchildren...for now.

My parents with their grandchildren.

My family

I am looking forward to the next week as I am off on vacation (as my daycare is closed so my daycare provider can enjoy her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic....I am so jealous) and will be able to spend time with Wyatt.  Hopefully he doesn't get too bored as we will be in the house most of the week.  Fortunately my mother and sister-in-law have some time off so they will be able to take him outside to play.  Also we will be celebrating Chinese New Year on Monday, which was another milestone for baby as we were hoping to have a dragon baby :)

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Melissa Lewis said...

I am 32 weeks as of today. It's my first. Hang in there!