Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What to do with Art from School?

So as usual, I have been a slacker on the blog.  So much has happened since last Christmas (the last time that I updated this blog).  As usual, I am going to try and be better and keeping this up to date (especially since I keep giving people the link to this blog on our Christmas card).

So here is a quick update of the past 10 months...

Wyatt turned 2 - he is no longer our quiet Wyatt and loves to ask "What are you doing?"  He is also a super picky eater and we have managed to introduce rice krispies to his diet which is now one of his preferred food.  Unfortunately he is quite the messy eater, so we now have a fairly clean floor (or it is covered in rice krispies).  He is now one of the big men at daycare since...

Connor turned 4 and he started JK in September.  This is actually the inspiration of the post.  Since Connor started school, he has come home with tons of art work.  Now that we have a new scanner, I have been inspired to scan the ones that we can and I'll take pictures of the ones that I can't scan.  Here is the first of many pieces of art that have been digitally archived...Now I just have to figure out how to display them around the house.  Any suggestions?

Geofford has officially retired from ultimate (for the first time...there is already talk of him potentially playing next summer).  We couldn't disclose the reason for about a month why he has to take a little time off, but it is because we were expecting Baby #3 and well I'm not sure if I can be an ultimate widow with three kids.  We'll see though, so for now he is retired and we can confirm/deny him coming out of retirement when the time comes.

I am as usual quite busy with work.  I have had a pretty eventful year thus far with work being a lot of fun and then getting pregnant.  I will be experiencing my first major games this November when I head to Guadalajara for the Parapan American Games.  I will be part of the Canadian Paralympic Committee's mission team which should be quite the experience.  I am very excited and hope that the second trimester energy will kick in by that time.

As for the house, we managed to replace the floor in the kitchen.  It looks quite fabulous and thanks to my dad and Damian for helping Geofford out.  Connor helped a little as well lay the chalk lines down, so it may be helpful to delay some of the projects for the house so that both boys can help.  We are waiting to find out the sex of Baby #3 until he/she is born but hopefully he/she will be as helpful as his/her brothers.

With respect to the family, Francis and Jaclyn had their third child, our niece Elena who is super cute.  Damian and Michelle also got married on October 1st which was quite the celebration.  Here are our pictures from the day.  Our family (and extended one) is slowly expanding and soon we will definitely have to have a kids table at family gatherings as they are soon going to out number the adults.

We are a little bit better at keeping our flickr site up to date, so you can follow some of our adventures there.  I will try and post up some more art as I get around to scanning/photographing it.


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